Total length of the trail is about 3.000 m.,

  • The riders start at as usual at te same place as the last years. From there they will race uphill before entering the pit.
  • The pit is on the same spot as it was the last few years.
  • Followed by a stretch through the woods past the 12 Apostles tree before making a loop on the high meadow.
  • One continues on the path in the woods to eventually leave the forest and enter the low meadow.
  • Here they make twice a loop.
  • Then they go back to the high meadow.
  • On the high meadow they ride towards the pit for the 2nd passage.
  • After they leave the pit, they ride towards the 4 large trees and then go back into the low meadow.
  • Here the ‘bars’ are waiting for them again.
  • following they race towards the Uilenberg via the berm of the Onderstal.
  • This time they take the paved path on top of the Uilenberg and they race towards the stairs.
  • But there they go down the slope to the left of the stairs.
  • Now they make a big turn and then up the famous staircase “Stairway to Heaven”.
  • Then they ride into the sloping slope.
  • Here they turn on to “de Scheldeweg”.
  • Now they first pass the startline and after that the finishline.

The Paddock is still at the Putseweg.
Finisharea and podium are nearby the cemetry.

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