Total length of the trail is about 3.100 m.,

  • The riders start at te same place as in 2016. From there they will race uphill before entering the pit.
  • The pit is on the same spot as it was the last few years.
  • The area in the forrest and the surrounding meadows didn’t change much.
  • When the riders leave the meadows and enter the Onderstal, they now ride on the bank instead of on the road.
  • At the end they turn left and go uphill.
  • There they cross the Scheldeweg and dive into the trench towards the famous stairs ‘Stairway to Heaven’.
  • On top of the ‘Uilenberg’ the riders drive toward the fire station before they resurface the Scheldeweg itself.
  • Now they pass the startline  before finishing. The finish itself has moved about 50 meters compared to last year

The Paddock is still at the Putseweg.
Finisharea and podium are now nearby the cemetry.


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