Total length of the trail is about 3.000 m.,

  • The riders start at te same place as the last years. From there they will race uphill before entering the pit.
  • But before entering the pit, the riders must first cross a bicycle bridge.
  • The pit is on the same spot as it was the last few years.
  • This year the riders enter the forest at a different point and they ride now in the opposite direction towards the VIP-tent.
  • There they take a 180 degree turn and head back towards the pit. But also here a few changes in the course.
  • After the pit the ride to the big tree and here the riders take an extra large loop before the pass the Public tent.
  • When the riders leave the meadows and enter the Onderstal, they now ride on the bank instead of on the road.
  • At the end they turn left and go uphill towards ‘de Haviksberg’.
  • There they cross the Scheldeweg to drive on top of ‘de Uilenberg’ along the edge towards the big staircase.
  • But now they first pass this staircase before plunging down into the sand downhill.
  • Now they make a big turn and then up the famous staircase “Stairway to Heaven”.
  • As in 2018 the riders will ride a short distance on top of “de Uilenberg” along the edge and then drive down the slope.
  • Here they turn on to “de Scheldeweg”.
  • Now they first pass the startline and after that the finishline.

The Paddock is still at the Putseweg.
Finisharea and podium are nearby the cemetry (as in 2018).

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